New products

My philosophy is simple: clothes must be unique, comfortable and quality made. Clothes are not made for display windows but for women with character that bring them to “life”. I strive to keep my prices low and my products affordable, yet I must not forget that I have to pay bills, my workers, my suppliers, etc..

I didn’t study design or sewing, I have a degree sociology and a lot of imagination spiced with a bit of business sense. But … I believe in my dream and I know that someday MOJA MOJA will be big. Scratch that, HUGE! That’s why I’m 100 % focused on achieving my long-term goals.

I love to fulfil your wishes in my own ways. I try to listen to every customers wishes because every one of us is unique. Sometimes there are delays that I can’t prevent but every time something like that happened, we solved everything in a way that made us all happy. If you are not satisfied with my work, you can return the products without hassle.

My customers tend to be loyal so I guess I’m doing something right. If you haven’t tried my products yet, come into my shop – someone is “always” there. I’m there on workdays till 3 PM. That’s the time I have to leave to go pick up my little worm from kindergarten. Trust me, she’s not someone you would want to go shopping with. That’s why Irena, Lili and Tjaša are there for you (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from till 4 PM and Tuesdays, Thursdays till 7 PM). You don’t have to make an appointment – our doors are always open.

If you have any questions, you can reach me on 040/806-812 or call my shop on 068/66-54-30.

Smile a lot and have a nice day,

Katja (Katja Klepec Štalec)